Can you brave the tower?

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"The sea god better be Cthulhu."

"Close. It’s Spongebob."


this is my only hypothesis

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open rp





"Hello, it me. George Constanza. Are you ready for a Fuck?"


"George!" King Aelle shouts from across the field, "There is no time to fuck! The viking hoard is fast approaching! Arm yourself, my friend!"

image"How foolish of me, sire!" George shouted."These vikings don’t know what they’re up against!"

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Tomodachi Life Miis to Appear in Smash Bros.

Looks like we’ll be getting a Tomodachi Life-inspired stage on the 3DS version of the new Smash Bros. Also, this stage will feature Miis from your Tomodachi Life island!

Here’s some info on the stage:

"The front walls of the apartments disappear so you can see the area within when a fighter overlaps with the room. The rooms are randomly placed and selected from among several types. Planting an X Bomb behind a wall might be an effective tactic."

Pretty cool stuff. Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS will be available starting October 3, 2014 on the 3DS, and the Wii U version is expected to launch this holiday season.

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